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Una Catástrofe: Cuentos de Ricardo Flores Magón

Una Catástrofe: Cuentos de Ricardo Flores Magón

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Spanish language book/ Libro en español

What do we know about Magón? We might know his life, his political militancy, his essays, demands and reports that he would publish in Regeneración or his tortuous years in prison that concluded in a suspicious death; we can also understand his participation in the Mexican Revolution, but what about Ricardo as a sensitive person? His diverse biographies leave out the personality of his person to feature his political actions and ideas.

There exist windows in the history that allow us to break that tendency, bringing us closer to an understanding of this historical personality. The testimonies of his compañeros y compañeras are probably the most important of these windows, in them we find the description of Ricardo as a quiet person, dedicated to being an ear and listening to everyone.

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